1.  Preamble
1.1.  Memberit Member Club (hereinafter, “Member Club” or “the Club”) was founded by Persona Agenda Ltd. (hereinafter, “the Company”) to bring together women who are experts in a wide range of fields (“Supersonas”) in common and personal areas of interest, to offer a space for personal and professional development for its members, inter alia, through the production of unique and diverse content events from time to time (hereinafter, “the Event”), enriching and inspirational lectures, workshops, tours, films and the like, and to provide those who join the Member Club (hereinafter, “the Club Members”) with various benefits and discounts, all as set forth in the provisions of these Bylaws.
1.2.  Registering as a member is subject to and contingent upon the Club Member’s acceptance of that set out in these Bylaws. Joining the Member Club indicates agreement with these conditions.
1.3. It is hereby clarified that only that stated in these Bylaws will be binding to the Company and/or Club management.
1.4.  The Company may decide on and make changes to the Club Bylaws at any time. The Club Members are fully responsible at all times for knowing the terms of the Bylaws and receipt of the benefits under the stipulated conditions.
2.   Joining and Membership in the Club
2.1.  Joining the Membership Club involves registration and provision of identifying information via the Supersonas website at www.supersonas.com (hereinafter, “the Website”) and/or by sending an e-mail to the management of the Club at office@supersonas.com.
2.2.  Club Members will be responsible for notifying Club management in writing of any change in the information submitted on the Registration Form. Failing to update Club membership information, as aforementioned, may prevent Club management from sending notices and advertisements to the Club Members, and in such case the Club Members will be precluded from making any claim in this regard.
2.3.   Membership is personal and nontransferable to third parties in any manner whatsoever, including by sale or transfer without consideration to any third party.
2.4.  Club Members have the right to cancel/delete their membership as they see fit and at their own discretion by sending written notice to Club management.
2.5.   Should a Club Member request, via submission of a notice as set forth in Section 2.4 above, to terminate her membership in the Club within fourteen days of having joined, the Club Member shall be entitled to a refund of said part of the membership fee she paid, less a cancellation fee of 5% of the price of joining or NIS 100, whichever is less. In the event of cancellation in accordance with this section, the Club Member will return any grant she received for joining the Club, including a new member gift, etc. Additionally, should the Club Member, during her term of membership in the Club prior to cancellation, have participated in one or more Events, the Club Member will pay the cost of guest participation in the Event, for each Event, or the sum will be deducted from the refund to the Club Member (according to the costs set out below).
2.6.       Should the Club Member seek to terminate her membership as aforementioned in Section 2.4 above, more than fourteen days from the date of joining the Club, this will be deemed as an absolute waiver of all of her rights as a Club Member, and the Club Member will not be entitled to any refund whatsoever for the membership fee she paid.
2.7.  Joining as a guest at an Event can be canceled by sending a written notice to Club management within fourteen days of the date of joining, provided that said cancellation is done at least two days, that are not days of rest, prior to the date of the Event. In the event of such cancellation, the participant will be charged a cancellation fee of 5% of the cost of participation in the Event.
2.8.   Club management will not allow Club membership to be frozen, except at its sole discretion.
2.9.   Joining and membership in the Club constitutes consent to save all personal information the Company collects regarding said Club Member in its database.
3.  Club Membership Fee
3.1. Annual membership fee in the Club entails payment of NIS 1,440 (hereinafter, “the Membership Fee”).
3.2. The Membership Fee can be paid by a one-time payment or, alternatively, in twelve equal monthly installments of NIS 120, as preferred by the Club Member.
3.3. Joining as a guest for only a single Event (does not constitute joining the Membership Club) involves payment of NIS 150 per Event.
3.4. A Club Member who paid the Membership Fee will be able to take part in all of the benefits and services offered from time to time by the Member Club, and to participate in all of the content Events produced by the Member Club at no cost. Let it be clarified that joining an Event as a guest grants the right to participate in the relevant content Event alone and does not grant membership in the Club and/or a right to receive the benefits and services offered by the Club.
3.5. Let it be clarified that the Company will be entitled, at any time, to change the prices for joining, as set out above, at its sole discretion.
4.  Benefits for Club Members
4.1.  Club Members will be entitled to participate in the various content Events produced by the Company, including enrichment and inspirational lectures, workshops, tours, films, etc.
4.2. The Club Members will be entitled to a discount on the array of existing and future services provided in the Supersonas business units.
4.3.  The Club Members will be entitled to discounts on the purchase of assorted products and services, participation in unique special offers and other benefits, as announced from time to time by Club management.
4.4.  Club management will publish the information about the Events and/or various benefits given to the Club Members at the time via the Website and/or e-mail and/or phone calls, or as Club management sees fit, in accordance with the information provided when joining the Club and/or joining the Website.
4.5.  Club management reserves the right to change, without any advance notice, the amount of the discounts provided to the Club Members and to make changes in the special offers, discounts and benefits given to the Club Members, and all at its sole discretion.
4.6.  For the avoidance of doubt, the Club Members will not be entitled to a monetary and/or other credit due to their failure to participate, for any reason whatsoever, in the Events produced and/or use of the benefits granted.
5. Protection of Privacy and Security
5.1. The details of the Club Members that appear on the Registration Form will be saved in the Company’s database and will not be provided to others without the consent of the Club Members. The Company will be entitled to use the information in order to contact the Club Members to provide them with information and update them on additional services it offers.
5.2. The Company will take all reasonable steps to secure the information provided by the Club Members, and all in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law. However, the Company cannot provide absolute security of its information and communication systems against unauthorized infiltration or prohibited use by third parties. Therefore, the Company will not bear any direct or indirect liability in the event of disclosure and use of the information provided by the Club Members that is directly or indirectly attributable to unauthorized infiltration by others or as a result of malicious acts and/or omissions of third parties, and the Club Member will not have any claim, grievance and/or demand regarding the exposure of the data she provided when joining the Club in a case such as the aforementioned.
6. Notices
6.1. The Club Members are aware that the Company will use the Club Members’ information for direct mail of notices and/or advertisements regarding the events the Company organizes and/or services it provides, including via e-mail and/or fax and/or recorded telephone or other messages by the Company and/or Club management. When registering for the Club, the Club Member confirms their consent to receive said messages through said means.
6.2.  It is clarified that notwithstanding the consent of the Club Members as set out in Section 6.1 above, the Club Members will be entitled to withdraw their consent by sending a notice of refusal to the Company either in writing or in the manner in which the notices were sent to them by the Company.
7.  General
7.1.  Nothing in the provisions of these Bylaws derogates from the provisions of the bylaws for use of the Website, and registration for the Member Club constitutes consent of the party registering to the provisions of the terms of use of the Website, which will apply in addition to the terms of these Bylaws.
7.2. Membership in the Club does not grant Club Members any other benefit beyond the benefits announced from time to time by the Club management, as aforementioned and/or specified in these Bylaws.
7.3.  Club management will be entitled to decide, at any time, to terminate the Club’s activity by way of at least thirty (30) days advance notice (hereinafter, “the Notice”), which will be published using one of the methods of publication specified in these Bylaws. Should Club management decide to terminate the activity of the Club, as aforementioned, Club management will refund Club Members the relative part of the consideration they paid to join the Club, based on the number of months remaining in their membership as of the date of the Notice and through the end of their actual membership, and beyond such, no other obligation will apply to the Club management regarding termination of the Club’s activity, as aforementioned.
7.4. Unless explicitly stated otherwise in these Bylaws, Membership Club Notices for all intents and purposes, and including, but not only, on matters related to a change and/or addition and/or derogation made or that Club management intends to make to the Bylaws and/or the various benefits and/or any other matter related to the entitlements of Club Members and/or termination of its activity, etc., will be done by Club management in the manner and method as Club management deems fit, according to its sole discretion.
7.5. Club management and/or its representative is not liable in any manner whatsoever for engagements between Club Members and any third party as part of and/or according to special offers published by Club management. Any such engagement for receipt of a service or purchase of a product shall be the exclusive responsibility of the provider of the service or the product, as aforementioned. It is clarified that Club management is not liable for the quality of the service and/or quality of the product provided to the Club Members.
7.6. Should any of the provisions of these Bylaws be declared as illegal or invalid by the court, despite the intentions of the parties, this shall not cancel the remaining provisions of these Bylaws and/or the parts of said provision that were canceled and/or limited by a legal instance.
7.7. The laws of the State of Israel only will apply to any matter that arises from these Bylaws and the membership in the Club, its conditions, provisions and any other matter. Only the courts of the State of Israel will have jurisdiction and only in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel. The local jurisdiction in any matter, as aforementioned, will be granted to the Courts of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and to them alone.
7.8.  Club management is the exclusive authority for interpretation of the provisions of these Bylaws.
8. Contacting Club Management
Via e-mail – office@supersonas.com