Our Agenda

Although women account for over 50% of the world’s population, they are the largest minority in the Business & Governmental sectors, worldwide. Men far outnumber women in key positions, decision making roles, conferences and panels and, regrettably, in their paycheck for getting the same job done. The misconceptions are that “there are no suitable women candidates” or that “women are simply not interested”.

Hana Rado – an accomplished advertising executive and social entrepreneur, decided to step up to the challenge and change the misconceptions. Along with her partners, she established Supersonas with a sole purpose of promoting gender balance in influential and decision making platforms.

We launched our website on March 8th 2015 (International Women’s day).  Word spread quickly and, in a matter of months, a database of influential women from every discipline was built with a profile page for each woman, portraying her expertise, her agenda and areas in which she wants to make a difference. Soon the website transformed into an active community, an innovative platform for women to connect, discuss, and step into action.

Our communities are unique in being virtual-actual, framing a “work in progress” strategy to promote our agenda by tracking, taking advantage of opportunities, promoting, and making a noticeable impact in real numbers of women’s board seats and “C” level positions, nominations, public appearances and public awareness.

Today we are a national and global social organization dedicated to paving the way for a balanced presence in influential and decision making positions.  We are impacting daily, promoting regulation and its enforcement, providing professional training and services for our growing community, fostering the next generation, raising awareness for gender equality on a national and global scale and supporting our business platform to be independent, sustainable, transformative and active worldwide.